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Arizona Record Sealing

Any Arizonan who was wrongfully arrested, indicted, or charged and not convicted is able to petition the court to enter on his or her record that they have been cleared on all charges.

Petition the Court

If you are able to submit the information to a judge, the judge will review and then order all law enforcement agencies and courts to cease from distributing that arrest record to anyone.

It will show as if the arrest has never occurred and any person who does not comply with the order will be liable to damages caused.

Seal your Record

Any inquires that might show that you have a record will be detrimental to your chances of obtaining a job or finding housing. By sealing your record you are able to answer with confident to an inquiry, without disclosing that you have been arrested.

Arrested but case dismissed?

If you were arrested but your case was dismissed, you may be able to get your record sealed so it will show as if the arrest never even happened. For more information, we would advise to you contact a criminal defense attorney.

How long does the process take?

Arizona courts will typically take up to 6 months, sometimes more, to have a record sealed. This time varies on the work load of the courts. But do note that it is a first-come first-serve basis, so it is in your interest to start immediately.

In many cases you do not need to show up to court if you find a professional lawyer to represent you.

By seeking legal assistance from a setting-aside or expungement law firm, you can greatly increase your chances to have your record set aside. You can take a free online eligibility test provided by to see if you are eligible to clear your record. is a sponsor of this site.

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