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Expunging a DUI in Arizona

If you have been convicted of a DUI, you already know of the many consequences that accompany having an alcohol related offense on your criminal record. Fortunately, as per the Arizona Revised Statute 13-907, you may be legally entitled to expunge, or “set aside,” your DUI removing any finding of guilt by dismissing your DUI case, resulting in no conviction on your criminal record thus “releasing you from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the conviction.”

Being released from the “penalties and disabilities” of your Arizona DUI means that you no longer have to worry about having the DUI appear on most criminal background checks, which may make it easier to find steady employment and desirable housing. In particular, expunging your DUI may make it easier to start a career working as an educator, a caregiver, or as an officer of the peace. Many eligible resumes never even make it to human resources because the applicant is unable to pass a background check. If you are fortunate to get an interview, you may still be denied the petition because most industries working with the general public, particularly with children or as a caregiver, are unable to employ former alcohol and drug offenders.

Arizona DUI Expungement Procedure

To expunge your Arizona DUI, you it is important that you prepare to represent your case to the judge by gathering evidence that speaks to the progress that you have made since your DUI. You must prove to the judge that you have completed all court ordered classes and that you have remained sober since your conviction. You may also provide testimonies of reputable community figures such as the head of your local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter, your employer, a professor, or family and friends. Though you may have attended court ordered classes and become rehabilitated since your DUI, expunging your DUI shows that a court of law has legally declared that you have earned a fresh start.

The only way to remove a DUI from your criminal record is to have the DUI expunged. Otherwise, the DUI will continue to haunt your professional and personal life. Expunging your Arizona DUI offers many benefits and can help you to start over in life by removing the DUI from your criminal record, making it is as though the DUI never occurred.

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