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Arizona Civil Rights Restoration

Restoring your civil rights will enable you to vote, hold office, and serve as a juror. It is our basic rights as Americans to have Civil Rights – but there are situations where you may have your rights removed.

If you were convicted of one felony…

Your civil rights are automatically restored upon completing your probation or receiving an absolute discharge from imprisonment. You must also have paid any fine or restitution that the judge ordered.

If you were convicted two or more felonies…

You must petition the court to restore your civil rights after your probation is completed or if you received an absolute discharge from imprisonment. If your conviction was in a federal court, it is in your best interest to file in the county that you now reside in. We recommend to have a professional attorney to handle this for you.

In Arizona, if you were convicted and sentenced to an Arizona state prison, there are changes that your civil rights were revoked.

A setting-aside of the conviction will make it so that the record shows you have not been convicted of the offense. Arizona processes a little faster than other states, so a setting-aside process will normally take between 3 to 4 months.

By seeking legal assistance from a setting-aside or expungement law firm, you can greatly increase your chances to have your record set aside.